Top Emergency Preparedness Resources for Afterschool Programs

Is your afterschool program prepared for emergencies?  Afterschool programs, unlike public schools, have no federal mandate to have an emergency plan but that doesn't mean that expectations from parents and your community are not still high.  If a major emergency strikes, such as one of the magnitude of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, then parents will expect that you will take care of their children until the parents can come pick them up.  In the case of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, we saw that in some situations, parents could not reach their children on the same day, meaning that school staff were responsible for the children overnight and sometimes for several days after.

As there is no federal mandate for afterschool programs, that means that resources for building afterschool emergency plans can be a little scarce.  I shared the following resources at a workshop for the Oregon Afterschool Conference a few weeks ago and wanted to post them here for everyone to access.

Emergency Planning for Afterschool Programs Case Study
  •  “Lessons Learned: Emergency Management Planning for After-school Programs.” U.S. Department of Education, Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools Technical Assistance Center.
Emergency Planning
Staff Training
Emergency Supplies
Have you found other resources that have been particularly helpful?  Please share in the comments below.

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