Top Hurricane Apps for the Tech Savvy Prepper

Traveling to hurricane country this hurricane season?  Get your disaster planning tech savvy with these hurricane tech tools:

American Red Cross: Shelter View  (free)
The American Red Cross developed a free app that maps shelter locations and details across the United States.  The app can tell you which shelters are open, who is managing the shelter and the capacity and current population of the shelter.  It also gives the latest disaster information.   

Those without an iPhone can find the same information online at and clicking on “Find a Shelter.” 

Hurricane Forecaster (free)
For the visual folks, the Hurricane Forecaster for iPhone gives detailed forecast maps that show where the storm is now and where it’s headed to next.  You can also find out how powerful the storm will be in a 48-hour forecast.  This app uses data from the U.S. National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane Tracker ($1.99)
Hurricane Tracker offers push alerts for all the latest Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Hurricane information.  Tracks storms, warnings and advisories and exclusive custom audio and video updates.  For iPhone and iPad.

Hurricane and Hurricane HD ($3.99)
Hurricane and Hurricane HD (for iPhone and iPad respectively) just went through a redesign for the 2011 hurricane season, offering the ability to plot multiple storms on an interactive tracking map, worldwide hurricane, typhoon and cyclone tracking, push notifications and an interactive 5 day forecast cone.  It also offers the ability to view past hurricanes for comparison.

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