Ready Set Go Kits in the news!

Ready Set Go Kits' owner Amy Sandoz talks about emergency preparedness on KOIN Local 6 news last night:

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  1. Amy, Congratulations on being Martha Stewart's Dreamer into Doer of the week. Your business is so important and I applaud your willingness to offer some of it for free. Last weekend, our son was in a car accident in our car and we, as parents were so shaken it was nerve racking trying to function and get all the right things done in the right order. We managed, but I cannot imagine how shaken people would be in the case of a natural disaster. In addition, we have two precious cocker spaniels whom we would be devastated if something happened. I will definitely be looking into your products and services. ~Blessings and continued success, Janet

  2. Thank you Janet! I am sorry to hear about your son's car accident - I have been in one too and know just how upsetting it can be. Thank you for sharing your story with me! Let me know if I can be of any help in getting your family prepared for natural disasters. --Amy