Pakistanis need your help

Photo from the NY Post
Flooding in Pakistan caused by monsoons this July have displaced 20 million Pakistanis and killed over 2,000.  Over 700,000 homes have been damaged or totally destroyed.   Over 160,000 square kilometers have been affected, exceeding the combined total of the 2010 Haitian earthquake, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. 1

Over 10 million people have been forced to drink unsafe water, prompting worries about the spread of water-bourne illness.  Five days ago the first case of cholera, the deadly water-bourne disease, was confirmed in the flood ravaged Northwest part of Pakistan.

The Pakistanis need your help.  The damage caused by the flooding has displaced more people and damaged more infrastructure than in Haiti or Chile and yet aid dollars are far less than those to Haiti or Chile.

Ready Set Go Kits is raising money to provide clean water, tents, shelter materials, and medical aid to those affected through our fundraising campaign "Buy a Kit, Give Relief." 10% of the proceeds of all sales from our store (Ready Set Go Kits) will go to the American Red Cross specifically for Pakistan relief efforts.

The Buy a Kit, Give Relief Campaign gives you a chance to get prepared for emergencies here at home while giving much needed relief to those suffering from what U.N. General Secretary Ban Ki Moon said is the worst disaster he'd ever seen. 2

Will you please help by buying a kit and spreading the word?

Thank you.

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