Long Term Emergency Food Storage Rotation Tips

Now that you have your long term emergency food storage, you need an easy way to rotate it before it expires.  Try these handy tips to make food storage rotation quick and easy:
  • Your long-term storage foods should be kept in a cool (40-60 degrees F) and dry location that will allow you to perform periodic inspections. Be sure to store items off the ground or floor.  
  • Make sure expiration dates are clearly visible.  Try using sticker labels and mark the expiration dates with a permanent marker for easy viewing. 
  • Keep older foods toward the front and newly purchased items in the back.  As you use up items, you’ll be using up the ones that expire first.
  • Keep a notebook near your food supply so you can make a note of what is pulled from stock so you can replace and replenish. Tie a pen to the notebook with yarn or string so it is always handy.

You can opt to use up all your expiring long term emergency food storage in one weekend or try these tips to make using food reserves a part of your normal life:

Once a Week Meal Plan

Plan a different meal once each week using only ingredients from your food storage. Vary between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This accomplishes several things.

  1. You learn to prepare meals using your emergency food supply. This will make you better prepared in the event of an emergency.
  2. You can better evaluate which foods your family likes or doesn't like so you can adjust future purchases accordingly.
  3. This motivates you to get creative and come up with new and inventive ways to cook emergency foods.
  4. This "forces" you to periodically inspect and rotate your foods, so it serves as an effective reminder.
At-home Camp Cook Out

Turn using up your food reserves into a fun family event.  Practice cooking without heat or power and top off the night with spooky ghost stories by flashlight.   

What are your suggestions for rotating your food storage?  Leave a comment below!

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