iPhone Apps for Emergencies

iPhone apps cover everything from the frivolous to the most serious of topics.  Here at Ready Set Go Kits, we are excited to see that so many people have put time and energy into creating apps for emergency situations.  Some border on the ridiculous, but some, epecially the 6 of the 7 listed here, have important information that can help keep you prepared for emergencies.

1st Response Emergency Kit $2.99
The 1st Response Emergency Kit app for iPhone provides an easy to search, quick-loading resource database on how to respond to everything from bee stings to seizures and flat tires. It also lets you store your emergency contacts, blood type, allergies, medications and more.
Why we think this app is cool: it has a light function that allows you to use your iphone as a flashlight. Awesome.

CPR & Choking FREE
Created in partnership with the University of Washington and the King County Medical Services, this free app gives you seven short (less than 1 minute) videos to review your CPR training for adults, kids and infants.
How this could be better: you know you are going to forget this app is on your phone, wouldn't it be great if it gave you reminders that you had not reviewed your training in 6 months/1 year?

Emergency Radio $2.99
Emergency Radio iPhone App lets you tune in to over 1,500 police, fire and emergency management frequencies such as the Los Angeles Police Department and the New York Fire Department.  Want to check to see if your local emergency services are listed?  Check the list here
Why we think this is cool: Imagine if you had been able to listen in on the NY police scanner during 9/11.

Pet First Aid $3.99
The Pet First Aid iPhone app gives you detailed articles, videos and illustrations that covers everything from CPR, choking, poisoning and first aid for your furry friends.  It lets you store your pets medical information including vet's contact information, vaccinations, allergies and more.
Why we think this is cool: offline access means you can use this app anywhere.

Hurricane $3.99
The Hurricane for iPhone app lets you track active as well as completed storms on either the Pacific or Atlantic side.  Historical data on storms and a data feed let you research previous storms and discover how storms rate on the Saffir-Simpson scale.
How this could be better:  Tie in a notification system with GPS so it warns you automatically of coming storms in your area wherever you go.

smart-ICE $3.99
Smart-ICE (ICE stands for In Case of Emergency) was built on the idea that if people designated ICE contacts in their phones, then emergency responders can quickly get the information they need.  The app stores your personal and medical information including your medications, allergies, past medical history.  Custom wallpaper allows passcode users to set custom messages including one to direct emergency responders to a person who can give the iPhone owner's passcode in the event that you are incapacitated.
Why we think this is cool: it has an alert feature that activates after a 9-1-1 call is placed that lets first responders know that the iPhone has information for them.

Escape Call FREE
The Escape Call free app for iPhone uses the contact data and pictures in your iPhone to stage a "oh, this is an emergency, I'm really sorry I have to cut our date short" situation to escape those terrible blind dates you go on.  You can set the timer to delay for up to two hours and at the designated time, the app will use your selected contact data and pictures to fake call you.
How this app could be better: we'd download it if the fake call gave you fake excuse ideas too.

Do you have other iPhone apps to recommend?  Leave us a comment!

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