Halloween Safety Tips for Adults

You don't have to be a trick-or-treater to have a great time on Halloween.  Have a safe and happy Halloween night by following these safety tips from Ready Set Go Kits:
  • Drive defensively and sober.  You never know when little trick-or-treaters will get excited and dart across the street without looking.
  • Place lighted jack-o-lantern's away from flammable materials such as curtains.
  • Know the trick-or-treating route your children are taking if you aren't going along with them.
  • Make sure another parent or teen-aged sibling is accompanying your trick-or-treaters if you can't go with them.
  • Explain to your kids the difference between tricks and vandalism.  Your and your children's Halloween can be ruined if they are caught throwing eggs or other acts of vandalism. 
  • Set a time for your trick-or-treaters to be home by.  Hold them to it.

Here's to a fun, safe and happy Halloween from Ready Set Go Kits!

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