Everyone loves a lottery

Talk about brilliant.

The Institute for Human Continuity (an organization dedicated to ensuring the survival of the human race beyond 2012) has started a lottery. A free lottery no less, to give every participant an equal opportunity in 2012.

Equal opportunity for what?

I have no idea, and the therein lies the brillance of their idea. They are offering a limited amount of free lottery tickets but haven't mentioned what you could win. This tickles my funny bone in no small way. Do you get to be placed in a bomb-earthquake-terrorist-volcano-solar-flare-proof bunker? Maybe you will get sent into space, so you can return to Earth as its ruler once 2012 is over. Maybe you will get your own indestructible body armor. Ideas abound, and the Institute for Human Continuity website offers no clues.

Imagine, our planet could explode, but you will have a better chance of surviving because of some random lottery ticket you got for free off the internet. As we approach December 21, 2012 and people start becoming quite anxious, these lottery tickets could cause quite the uproar. Who wants to start placing bets on how much you can sell your lottery ticket for?

2012, for those of you not following the excitement, is when the ancient Mayan calendar comes to an end. Some theorize that the ancient Mayans just figured the clock will "reset" and will bring postive world change, while others are convinced that the Earth will be decimated in a variety of horrific disasters.

Me? I'm just excited to beat the odds of surviving unimaginable disasters by an online lottery ticket. I'm tipping the scales in my favor, and there's room for you too. Find out how to get your own lottery ticket here.

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